Mage Game Model
Key Attributes Magic, Willpower
Key Skills Spell Casting
Key Specialization  ?

A Mage uses "hermetic" magic to cast many different spells. They also have the ability to detect ley lines, which are small areas that will enhance a mage's spell power as long as the mage stands on them. Mages can learn to cast various offensive spells including Acid Stream, Lightning bolt, Manabolt, Blindness, Confusion, and Petrify. Mages can also enhance their abilities or an ally's abilities with spells such as Haste (increases Action points), Aim, Armor, Ignore Pain, Stealth, and Heal. Mages can also weaken the abilities of enemies with spells such as Slow, Distraction, Disintegrate, Agony, and Mana Static.[1]

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