Human Female Portrait
Average Height
Starting Bonus +3 Karma
Disadvantages None

Humans are the most common race in the Shadowrun universe. They are one of the original metatypes appearing some thousand years before the Awakening. The races that appeared after this event by way of UGE in 2011 and Goblinization in 2021 are known as "Metahumans".

Changelings are a sub-category of the Human race that appeared during the SURGE during the Year of the Comet. These so called "Changelings" are humans who have undergone mutation. It is because of these mutations that they are outcast from many Human societies despite still being classed of the same race, and not in the race of metahumans.

Humans who become infected with the HMHVV will become an entirely new race, such as Vampires, Nosferatus, Loup Garou, and Ghouls. After infection they are no longer considered part of the Human race but rather Monsters.

In most of the civilised world, Humans are still the most numerous race by the year 2070. They are address sometimes as "Norms", a term used as a categorization and an insult.

Maximum Attribute scores

Race Body Quickness Strength Charisma Intelligence Willpower
Human 9 9 9 9 9 9

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