Troll Shaman Concept Art
Key Attributes Magic, Charisma
Key Skills Conjuring, Summoning, Spirit Control
Key Specialization

A Shaman is a magic-user with the ability to summon forth spirits into the world. They utilize an aboriginal totem to find summoning points in the world from which they may draw out powerful spirits to aid them in battle. Alternatively, shamans can use a fetish to summon an elemental spirit. Shamans also have access to certain magic spells.

When summoning, shamans must spend their own action points to maintain control of a spirit. The skill of the Shaman and the level of the summoned spirit determine the base chance of controlling it. If the players attempt to use more action points than they invested in the spirit, the chances of losing control of it go up exponentially. A spirit that breaks free from a shaman is very likely to attack the shaman who summoned it.[1]

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